Almost Perfect Challenged in Iowa

Posted on Sunday, 26th December, 2021


The homophobes are after ALMOST PERFECT in central Iowa (and some other much better books). I don’t think they even look at these books before challenging them.

Banned in Texas

Posted on Tuesday, 7th December, 2021


So a Texas lawmaker has challenged ALMOST PERFECT (along with 849 other books). Lots of LGBTQ books on this list. Lots.

Weird Sisters Publishing

Posted on Wednesday, 10th November, 2021

I discuss Almost Perfect with Jan Gebhardt of Weird Sisters Publishing.

Archon 44

Posted on Wednesday, 29th September, 2021


October 1-3, Collinsville, IL! Looking forward to seeing you there!

You’re our only hope…

Posted on Friday, 6th August, 2021

Are you probably know, I’ve been a book reviewer at Forever Young Adult for nearly a decade.  Well, this wonderful site needs your help, as we’ve had to move hosts (we’re now at https://www.foreveryoungadult.NET). If you could click on this link and donate a few bucks to our go fund me fund, it would be very appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just five bucks, ten, or $75,000, whatever you can afford. I suppose you could ignore this, but keep in mind how much dirt I know about you. All those nights you said you were working late, that neighbor’s car that got scratched and you said it was some kid on a bike, how it was the dog that ran up the credit card bill. I SEE ALL, people. Now it’s payback time.

We all know what the war was about…

Posted on Tuesday, 15th June, 2021


All Three Counts

Posted on Tuesday, 20th April, 2021


Jim Crow

Posted on Friday, 26th March, 2021

White Georgia politicians are attempting to bring back Jim Crow era voter suppression.


The more things change…

Posted on Saturday, 20th February, 2021

Doonesbury, 11/79. Seems Uncle Duke had a similar style of leadership to Ted Cruz.


Still a few weeks until inaguration

Posted on Monday, 28th December, 2020