Made the Top Ten…

Posted on Monday, 11th January, 2016

Inside Columbia magazine

So I’ve made the ballot for the top ten in the ‘Best of Columbia’ vote. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I’d appreciate your support again. Just click here and scroll down to ‘authors.’ You can vote until January 31. Thanks in advance!

It’s an honor just be be nominated…

Posted on Tuesday, 8th December, 2015

But it would be more of an honor to win. Vote for me in the Best of Columbia. Click here and scroll down to the ‘author’ category.

Interview with the COLUMBIA MISSOURIAN

Posted on Wednesday, 2nd December, 2015

My interview with the MISSOURIAN, a paper that figures heavily in EVERYONE DIES IN THE END:


Posted on Friday, 13th November, 2015

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of France tonight.


Houston Prop 1

Posted on Wednesday, 4th November, 2015


Congratulations to Houston, who proved that hate, bigotry, fear mongering and lies still work in American politics!

Busy author week!

Posted on Sunday, 18th October, 2015

Had a wonderful time speaking at Columbia Barnes and Noble, the Daniel Boone Regional Library, and the Boone County Historical Society. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!


Posted on Wednesday, 16th September, 2015


Well thank God being a geek wasn’t a crime back when I was in high school, or all my friends and I would have all been arrested. Can you believe this shit? That high school freshman there in the NASA shirt was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. I don’t know what pisses me off more: the obvious racism (the boy’s name is Ahmed Mohamed) or the way they could have killed this young man’s love for science and innovation. Face it, if this had happened fifteen years ago, no one would have heard about it and he would have learned a harsh lesson: a career in science isn’t for people who look like you.

I’m glad that there’s enough public outcry that Mohamed will probably come out on top, but how many other kids are bullied by the authorities for non-crimes and minor infractions? Time for a change, people. #istandwithahmed

Columbia, MO Barnes and Noble, September 25th 7:00

Posted on Monday, 14th September, 2015

Come by and see me!


Ana and Zak in Argentina

Posted on Friday, 4th September, 2015


Posadas, Misiones, Argentina


Buenos Aires

I’m totally jealous of my own books.

Ana and Zak Latin America Release

Posted on Wednesday, 12th August, 2015

Pictures from the Buenos Aires book release. Thanks, everybody!